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Everyone has a story....

This is mine.

I used to dwell in dark spaces. 


It was inevitable given what I endured. But I was lost there and almost didn’t find my way out. 


My proudest triumph is my own redemption, a reckoning that happened over years and all at once. It was a choice made and then bravely repeated each day - to live, to claim my life and self as my own, to hunt for myself in the rubble. To call myself home. 


To know I am worth my own deliverance. 


I am still called to the dark, but as a visitor now. I go to explore and forage, to mine for the truth in its endless forms. To share my light. 


I have neither wisdom nor certainty. Instead, I come with heart, hope and wonder. 


My words are an offering, nourishment on our journeys back home to ourselves.

photo of Suzanne C. Carver
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I’m far more interested in who someone is then in what they do, but of course we are shaped by our experiences and exposures. 

Here are a few of mine:

  • I have a B.A. in psychology from Occidental College and am a licensed massage therapist. I am certified in SEO fundamentals. 


  • I worked as a social worker for several years before transitioning to massage therapy. I owned and operated a massage business for 19 years which I closed in 2020 to write full-time. 


  • I have spent my life invested in personal growth and transformational work, including trauma healing, deconditioning from shame and socialized oppression and repairing a fractured relationship with my body. I employ such modalities as personal coaching, yoga, embodied movement, sound healing, neural manifestation and breath work. 


  • I am an activist dedicated to the liberation of our planet and its inhabitants. Anti-racism work is my current priority. My learning space is with a group of other white women doing the embodied inner work to divest from white supremacy. 

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