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Hi, I'm Suzanne. I'm a writer.  

I care a little too much about everything.
I write to make sense of it all. 


I am a novelist, essayist, copy and content writer, blogger and script writer. I write for myself, for publications and am available for freelance work. 

My flex: I parallel park for fun.

To me, writing isn’t a choice or pursuit. It’s more like a function of self, like breathing or digesting.

The world is a magical and messy place, the human experience as devastating as it is luminous. Maybe others don’t experience it so acutely, but I live as if my tongue is perpetually pressed to a battery. 

I metabolize it all through language; writing is my alchemical process. I am called to big questions, impossible situations and I like to talk about difficult things, to swim in the deep water. 

I never tire of investigating the human soul. I believe healing and transformation are always possible, that connection is what we most seek and that who we actually are is far more interesting than who we pretend to be. 

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